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"My advisor was too busy to provide me with statistical help on my papers; I was constantly hounded by the thought and angered because the fact was my research advisor was just not proficient in statistical analysis. I had tried everything in vain to find help in my university and it seemed there was no hope. I met a counsellor at my university and she dropped me Dr. Maximilian's name. She confided that she herself had once sought help from Dr. Howard Courson who was a part of Dr. Maximilian's team of academics who specialized in statistical research among other things. I got in touch with Max Dissertation Consultancy immediately and that was the beginning of my actual journey towards success. I passed the defence stage with such ease thanks to Dr. Megan Jones and Max Dissertation Consultancy."

Kieran Field,

PhD. Fryerning, Essex

"I was completely confused and uncertain about the progress of my dissertation. I was referred by a friend to contact Dr. Maximilian Carter who was known to have helped several ABD students like me; in our first conversation he was able to understand my woes and put me in touch with Dr. John McCabe who had considerable research expertise in computational biology and bioinformatics. This was the beginning of a fruitful journey that culminated with my successful dissertation defence. I am extremely grateful for the guidance of Dr. Maximilian who helped me connect with the right expert for my problem and above all I am thankful to Dr. John McCabe for continuously believing in me and my research."

Richard Sinnott,

PhD. Freeport, IL

"Without the support of Dr. Maximilian Carter, I would not have been able to even commence my dissertation and would have been in considerable debt because of my procrastination. I was lucky to have had Dr. Maximilian himself guide me for my research as he specializes in social research. His motivation and constant guidance helped me create my own model which I was later able to successfully defend. My research was published and I am currently teaching in the very institution that I received my doctorate from. I was told there was no way out of the worry that an ABD student lives with, I can proclaim that to be untrue thanks to you guys."

Scott K. Williams,

PhD. West Chicago, IL

"I had ignored my thesis for quite some while due to family and work commitments and when the time arrived it seemed like there was no way out. I was about to have a nervous breakdown and it was on the very edge of impending doom that I received a call from a friend who had just successfully defended his thesis and wanted to meet to celebrate, I was embarrassed and too worried to have been able to make it to his celebration and it seemed he somehow understood when I started inventing excuses. He told me to check my E-mail and wished me good luck with my dissertation. It was to be at this moment that I contacted Max Dissertation Consultancy without much hope considering only a week left for my dissertation, I never believed in miracles and wasn't expecting them in this case at the very least. I was wronged, it looked like 7 days did not matter and Dr. Maximilian assigned a dedicated team of three consultants to help me out due to the extremely short amount of time to my deadline. They ensured I got my dissertation ready in 6 days and the final review was personally carried out by Dr. Maximilian to ensure that my thesis was flawless! The amount of detailing and research involved and the pace with which all this was carried out still astounds me, I owe my degree to Dr. Maximilian and his teams help and guidance."

Tia Emery,

Memphis, TN

"I was an ABD student on the verge of destroying the last chance I had at getting done with my dissertation. It was literally the end of rope for me and upon searching for various solutions to find a way out I came across Max Dissertation Consultants and on the first look at your website I knew I would find the answer to my problems here. Various other consultants I spoke to had shady websites and even shadier payment demands were made without any proof of their work or references for successful clients. So after much deliberation and careful research I knew you guys had the right credentials to help me in my situation. I was personally called by Dr. Maximilian on the eve of my dissertation defence to enquire about my readiness and he gave me incredible tips actually relevant to my research to mention to the committee as answers if I was faced with certain questions. After getting a pass on my dissertation I contacted Dr. Maximilian and Dr. Heather Crump to let them know of the good news. Dr. Maximilian only asked that I put in a good word at their website so it could help other students too only if I was satisfied with their consultations and guidance. So this is for all the students out there procrastinating, confused, unguided and fearful of a dissertation, I say to you go with Dr. Maximilian's incredible team of expert academics and you will be elated like I am!"

Mary Moreno,

PhD. Los Angeles, CA

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