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Max Dissertation Consultancy provides students with an extensive range of consultancy services revolving around several fields of interest and specializations. At Max Dissertation Consultancy, Dr. Maximilian Carter has grouped together a professional team of consultants from the top universities in UK. The sole aim of this team is to ensure that students in UK receive the best research help and consultation support out there. With customised and personalised services to choose from, Max Dissertation Consultancy provides all kinds of help required.

Complete Dissertation: This involves complete dissertation completion inclusive of all chapters, from topic selection to the conclusion. We help you build your dissertation from the ground up towards finality

Dissertation Topic Selection: If you are confused or undecided regarding your dissertation topic, we help you define the most appropriate topic to serve your research goals, future career development and prospective academic opportunities

Dissertation Proposal: Get help for your dissertation proposal, we help you build an attention grabbing start to your research

Introduction: We help you develop and explain your research problem, research overview, significance and much more for your dissertation introduction chapter

Literature Review: A strong literature review forms the backbone of any given research, our experts help you build a detailed and strong literature review to carry your research forward through any kind of scrutiny

Research Design & Methodology: From hypothesis to sample size to statistical analytics, we help you determine and implement the most suitable approach to your research according to your needs.

Data Analysis and Research Results: At Max Dissertation Consultancy our statisticians have significant experience in qualitative and quantitative analytics, research design, and software. We can help you with Stochastic Modelling, Risk Analysis, Probability Modelling, Linear Programming, Econometric Analysis, Signal Processing, Control Charts, Descriptive Statistics, Descriptive statistics, Relational statistics, inferential statistics, & much more. Our statisticians are proficient in the use of SPSS, SAS, MINITAB, R, EViews, MATLAB, S Plus, LISREL, AMOS and various other software suites.

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The consultancy services provided by MaxDissertationConsultancy UK serve as reference papers for students and professionals. Our consultancy reports are not to be submitted as it is and should only be used as a model for your own research.