Areas of expertise

Multiple fields of interest and specializations covered, only at Max Dissertation Consultancy

  • Architecture

    Develop your design ideas into a reality through our research expertise. We help you build exquisite design and architectural research projects.

  • Biology

    Discover the answers to the questions on the study of life

  • Business

    Focused business research solutions for students and professionals ensuring the best results

  • Chemistry

    Helping you answer transformations, compositions, structures and everything that revolves around it

  • Media Studies

    From past to present we help you write on what matters to you and what drives you. From impact of various media to their beginnings and to future implications, we help you explore thoroughly

  • Economics

    Explore models and theories, reach new conclusions and discoveries to solve and interpret the world’s problems.

  • Computer Science

    From computation to design we help you reach your research goals and innovate

  • Philosophy

    Whether you want to prove or denounce, from existence to reason we have the right expertise to help you develop relevant research to suit your goals

  • Management

    For those interested in management theory and knowledge that is relevant to management practice.

  • Mathematics

    Research solutions that help you become productive harbingers of changes in industry or government, or academic research

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Helping you research for one of the broadest and most versatile of the engineering professions.

  • Physics

    From matter to motion and beyond, we help you formulate interesting theories and attain concrete results

  • Writing and Humanities

    For those with a passion of professional writing or journalism, we can help you start off on the right track towards your dissertation.

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  •  During my doctoral program I was faced with a mental block and just as I was about to abandon my research I met Dr. Maximilian, when he was visiting my university. I have never looked back after that, got my doctorate and joined my university as a lecturer. Thanks to all the help provided by Max Dissertation Consultancy!

    Lecturer at Cambridge


The consultancy services provided by MaxDissertationConsultancy UK serve as reference papers for students and professionals. Our consultancy reports are not to be submitted as it is and should only be used as a model for your own research.