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How we solve your problems every step of the way

At Max Dissertation Consultancy, our four-step consulting process is rapid, clear and straightforward. From initial discussions to completing your research, through to delivery and customer support, you'll experience flexibility, creativity, and the utmost professionalism from our consultants

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Research paradigm at Max Dissertation Consultancy

The statistical consulting cycle at Max Dissertation Consultancy involves five main steps :

1. Problem elicitation
2. Data collection
3. Analysis of data utilizing statistical methods
4. Findings and conclusions
5. Presentation of findings findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Research process defined for each dissertation chapter

Chapter I - Introduction

Introductory paragraphs

We provide student's with appropriate short introductory paragraphs which span a couple of pages at most. The primary goal of the introductory paragraphs is to catch the attention of the readers and we ensure that targeted readers of your paper are attracted towards the subject that you wish to pursue. We help you set the stage for the paper and put your topic into appropriate perspective. The consultant working with you on your paper will ensure that dramatic and general statements about the need for the study are addressed to generate interest of the reader. Furthermore the consultant will also include striking illustrations and quotes to set the tone of the research to follow. At Max Dissertation Consultancy, we put ourselves in the reader's position and consistently ask ourselves whether as a reader we would continue reading? This process of self reflection is present in everything we do to ensure that only the best consultancy is provided to our clients.

Statement of the Problem

This is where the essence of your research lies. We inspect your research area and help you find out whether a problem exists or not or whether something needs to be changed. We explore and reach conclusive problem statements that help you in the long run. We will develop convincing arguments towards the importance of the study.


We provide our clients with a single statement or a paragraph that discussed what the study intends to accomplish, this is an important aspect of any research and we ensure that our clients have concrete reasons to pursue their research.

Significance of the Study

This section is targeted to create a perspective for looking at the problem. It points out how your study relates to the larger issues and we specifically contain persuasive rationale to justify the reasons for your study.

Research Questions and/or Hypotheses and/or Null Hypotheses

We generate for our clients logical research questions and present equally capable hypotheses and null hypotheses required.

Chapter II - Background

We help by beginning with an introductory paragraph concerning exploration of the literature that is related, in addition to the various studies that have already been conducted on the research problem. We ensure that every item of concern and area of interest is organised in a manner that is thematically appropriate and tackles specifically the problems at hand. We also take into consideration that all evidence is blended categorically from various areas to prepare a particular stage for the problem area; ensuring at all times logical relation of all evidence to the problem on hand.

Chapter III - Methodology

Chapter 3 usually requires the assistance of a statistician; this is usually the case because within this chapter the author of the dissertation is usually required to indicate what statistical tools are to be used in data analysis. We help you complete this chapter with a ease unheard of before. At Max Dissertation Consultancy the consultant assigned to you will guide you every step of the way in research design, sources of data, locale of the study, population and sampling, instrumentation, data collection and usage of tools for data analysis.

Chapter IV - Results

Chapter 4 is the most difficult part of a dissertation because it the part that you will have to defend vigorously. We ensure that your findings are mature, reliable and credible. Presentation of the results is done in textual, tabular and graphical formats to ensure effective portrayal of the results. Analysis, correlation, differences of measures and interpretation of data are all encompassed within this stage.

Chapter V - Conclusions and recommendations

This chapter is dedicated to summarizing what the researcher has done, achieved and interpreted. In this chapter salient findings are discussed, results of the hypothesis are laid out and tested. In addition to findings and conclusions, our consultants will help you provide impressive recommendations to set your research apart in terms of exclusivity and uniqueness.


The consultancy services provided by MaxDissertationConsultancy UK serve as reference papers for students and professionals. Our consultancy reports are not to be submitted as it is and should only be used as a model for your own research.